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Monday, 17 January 2011

More, more more...

How do you like it?

Hi all.

Have been unwell so thought that whilst I'm still alive instead of blah-ing on <---new word there, I reckon, I would post some more piccies of some toys I made for sale and/or the grand-twins.

All made from scraps. Enjoy.

First a legal warning:
Please be careful looking at these toys.

Some of the pictures have sharp corners.

Some of them contain parts that could be swallowed by a child. Especially if that child has a mouth capable of pigging out on something the size of its own head.

Bear this in mind if you copy any of the designs.

They also are finished in a child safe oil which can cause injury when the 5 litre can containing the oil is bumped with a bare foot.

Do not ask me how I know this.

No electrons were harmed in the posting of these pictures and only stunt cats were used and no harm was done to them. Much. Well, maybe a little bit but accidents happen. biggrin

A special family by request.

Another special family living in a 300mm tall house with no stairs! cool

It's a pair of rattles I made for the you-know-whos. Ninja the nosey cat doing what she does best - bugger all but get in the way (anybody want a cat). biggrin

Another wheeled vehicle about 200mm long. No. Wheely, it is. biggrin

The goddess calls this the roadster, I think. Or maybe it was rooster. Also about 200mm long. The roadster/rooster not the goddess. eek

My first noisy pair of toys for the grand-twins. The balls make an irritating ping-ponging noise bouncing around inside their 'cage'.

Grandparenting is all about revenge.

Drumming up some business for when the twins get older.

Lots of wheels on this dude and is almost half a metre long. Maybe I should just say it is wheely long. Sure get tyred making wheels. biggrin

Should keep the punsters happy for a while.

Doc wink

Happy New Year eek