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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Search me!

These days, most people would be aware that you can get information on just about anything on the internet.rolleyes

What I find so sad is that so many people just don't know how to search for this information.cry

I used to describe the Internet as a giant library where all of the books are on the floor and you have to sort through them to get what you want.

Seems to be an apt description.

Enter the Search Engine.

I use Google but there are many others to choose from.

For searching generally use the Google Search Engine here

For searching specialist areas use the Google Group Search Engine here

To search for pictures use the Google Image Search Engine here

To search Blogs use the Advanced Google Blog Search here

This short tutorial will give you some info on how to successfully use a search engine to find just about any information about any topic.

These steps apply to most of these search engines.

It does not matter what type of computer or internet browser you use.

Using Your Search Engine

Step 1
Go to the relevant search home page (don't forget to click on the pictures that follow to enlarge them so you can see better)

Step 2
Highlight how many results you wish to show. This is applicable to most of the other search engines. I usually say the maximum.

Step 3
Select your language so you don’t get lots of results that in Danish, unless of course you can read Danish

Step 4
Now, using the form area of your search engine put in as many or as few words to help narrow down your search.

For example:
I want to find out about reusing grey water.
In the ‘with all of the words’ I type grey gray (as it’s called in the States) water reuse reusing recycling
I left the exact phrase blank.
In ‘with at least one of the words’ I type homestead home house laundry
In ‘without the words’ sewerage black

Click on the Google search button and go through your results.

If you find that there are too many inappropriate try excluding words such as systems, company, sale, book etc. You could even narrow your search to the country that you live in.

Regards, Doc wink

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Doc's 10 Step Plan

Welcome to Frugalholics Anonymous

Your easy guide to plumbing

With water restrictions currently in full swing, we diverted our grey water for more effective use

Please check with your local council or water authorities
to comply with their regulations
concerning the diversion of grey water.

Or not!!!


50mm PVCU Pipe (tolerates UV rays and stuff)

Joiners (depending on where the water is going to)

Hacksaw to cut the PVC pipe (or a meaner tool)
50mm holesaw cutter
Drill to hold said cutter
Biomechanical Vermicular Discharge Sanitation Unit (some people just say 'Worm Farm') available here
Chocolate bar for a reward on completion

Step 1
Locate greywater outlet pipe.

Make sure it is not an inlet pipe for stuff like mains water or rainwater.


Cut the connection

Step 3

Cap the pipe that goes to the sullage tank because it is, erm, aromatic

Step 4

Measure how much PVC pipe you will require and use the various joiners to connect the PVC together.

What you use will be mainly dictated by where the pipe is going.

Mine was going to form part of a shelf in the BBQ area and go through some corrigated iron into the dog pen.

You could just use an elbow joiner and have the pipe run along the wall.

Step 5

Ensure the worm farm 50mm hole that you drilled matches up with the PVC pipe

Step 6

Attach a 19mm nozzle under the worm farm to attach a 19mm hose to later.

This is for drainage.

Step 7

Attach your elbow and push the PVC through the hole in the farm.

Step 8

See here to know how to make the complete Biomechanical Vermicular Discharge Sanitation Unit

Step 9

Give it a test ride.

Step 10

Eat the chocolate bar you got as a reward for doing the project voluntarily biggrin

Frugal regards
Doc wink

Friday, 7 September 2007

Sort of sautee

Remember this mushroom?

Well this is what I did with it for Scarecrow.

Just take the stalk out and dice it up with some garlic and sauté in some butter.

Lightly sauté the big mushroom on both sides.

Put the stalk/garlic mix on top, sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and grill until the cheese is melted.

I whipped up a stir fry (spinach, juilienned carrots, sunflower seeds etc etc) and served it with the mushroom on top.

Cute and simple, hey?

Regards, Doc wink