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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I am spoilt

Well, this is not really a project of great note, but my work/toyshop was getting crowded so Scarecrow said I could have a new shed to put stuff in.

I dug up the dirt, created the formwork and together we both mixed and laid the concrete.

The chooks were watching us lay concrete.
rolleyes biggrin

Anyhoo, a week later we put the shed together.

Just wanted to share this.

Don't worry though, this blog is not going to turn into one of those blogs where I tell you what I had for breakfast!!!

BTW, in the bottom left of the shed piccy is a solar light charging up ready to light up the shed.

Got to go now, more toys to make for the markets.


Monday, 13 April 2009

Well, tamper me dibbles!

Scarecrow has been busy lately, sowing seeds so I thought I would make her a couple of tampers and dibbles. eek

Some plywood to fit punnets
Dowel for handles
Screws/nails/glue to attach handle to ply
Pencil-thin dowel for dibbles
Pencil sharpener to sharpen dowel dibbles


  • Measure the punnets and cut the ply to fit in the punnet.
  • Check with the boss to ascertain how deep they need to tamp down the seed mix.
  • Cut handles to length. Hold the hand of the boss to judge how long to make the handle. cool
  • Attach handles to ply.

  • Cut pencil-thin dowel to length according to the boss's requirements.
  • Sharpen an end with the pencil sharpener. rolleyes

Not a bad 10 minutes work! lol

Keeps me in the good books mrgreen

Happy tamping and dibbling

Doc wink

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Can we go, now?

If you have been following Scarecrow's blog, you will notice that we recently had a couple of 'open days'. rolleyes

In order to keep any kids busy that visited we grabbed some snaps of various item around the garden and made a two page booklet where the kids could either tick that they found the item or could describe where they found it.

Click on the piccies to enlarge the image

Was a simple idea and because the garden is reasonably kid friendly (apart from the main pond, the vicious dog and the ninja cat) the kids could access anywhere in relative ease.

Allowed the grown-ups to enjoy themselves.

Also allowed me bragging rights about my cob oven.

Anyhoo, have a good day