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Monday, 13 April 2009

Well, tamper me dibbles!

Scarecrow has been busy lately, sowing seeds so I thought I would make her a couple of tampers and dibbles. eek

Some plywood to fit punnets
Dowel for handles
Screws/nails/glue to attach handle to ply
Pencil-thin dowel for dibbles
Pencil sharpener to sharpen dowel dibbles


  • Measure the punnets and cut the ply to fit in the punnet.
  • Check with the boss to ascertain how deep they need to tamp down the seed mix.
  • Cut handles to length. Hold the hand of the boss to judge how long to make the handle. cool
  • Attach handles to ply.

  • Cut pencil-thin dowel to length according to the boss's requirements.
  • Sharpen an end with the pencil sharpener. rolleyes

Not a bad 10 minutes work! lol

Keeps me in the good books mrgreen

Happy tamping and dibbling

Doc wink

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