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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Splish! Splash! I was takin' a bath...

...Using soap that came from a PVC Pipe mould!

If you are a soap maker, here is a handy hint for moulds.

If you do not make your own soap, maybe you should!

Then you could use this handy hint

Anyhoo, grab a piece of uPVC (UV stabilised PVC for outdoors - copes well with the warmth of your mixture when you first pour it) pipe and cut to size.

The size you use will depend on how much your soap mixture totals.

I used 3 pieces of 50mm pipe approximately 300mm long.

There was a lot of science involved in determining those lengths...

...they were all I had lying around

I did not grease the insides with anything. There was a scientific reason for that, too...

...I forgot

Cap an end (the bottom).

Fill up with your fave soap recipe.

Cap this end and leave for a couple of days.

When cool (the tube not you) simply push out to the thickness of soap required and cut.

Ready for storage to dry out and trim up as required.

I made a pusher-outerer in case the soap got stuck but did not need to use it.

It was simply a small wooden wheel with a length of dowel as a long axle.

Easy-peasy uPVC reuseable soap mould.

Try saying that fast after a couple of high quality Australian reds!

Love, peace and mung beans


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