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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

In the year 2525...

Doc's Post-carbon digital calculator

Those people who know me know that I make toys, spinning wheels and accessories, gadgets, soap moulds, crafty stuff etc etc etc.

Those people who do not know me, see the previous sentence.

I am always thinking up ways to use up scrap wood pieces.

So for the person in your life who has everything - penicillin.

For the other person - try Doc's all new, bell-less, whistle-less, singing-less, digital calculator.


Able to be operated left- or right-handedly.

Does not use electrickery.
Has no batteries to be replaced.
Does not use water.
Has a low carbon footprint (coz it is a hand operated thingy).
Does not require agreements between global govmints.
Using this allows the user to know what their other hand is doing.
Works in all positions.
Is 'handy'.
Any handyperson can use it.
Comes in a small range of colours (1)
Can be used by all ages and sexes.
Ideal for discussion in chat rooms/social networks.
Is non-judgemental.
Contains no artificial preservatives or colourings.
Does not contain nuts or dairy products
Is made from free range, pre-loved and pre-hugged trees

And, you would not believe it, but these really sell at markets.

Ah well, fools and their money.



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