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Monday, 5 April 2010

I'm stuck on you...

May have you finally pegged.

Ever needed to stick a note somewhere safe along with another note?

Me neither, but if you did, this quick project would be just the thing for you.

Some pegs
Some glue - I usually have CA glue (supaglue) or a hot glue gun sitting around the toy/work shop
Magnets or magnetic strip - grab from craft supplies, probably
Metal to attach your display to when completed

To all the idiots who have caused every activity to become a potentially lethal, mitigation, help the lawyers get rich scenario: HOT glue is - wait for it - HOT!!!

This means ouchy, burny, no-touch-me stuff. Get it on your pinkies or your privates and it will do the hurty thing. Be careful.

Also, CA glue sticks things - who'd have thunk it - so watch where you dribble it.

HINT: The sticker should not hold the stickee in his or her hand whilsts dribbling aforementioned sticky stuff onto the subject matter.

To the rest of the more sensible world, take appropriate care if children are around especially around any glues.

Step 1
Get your gear together. A few pegs and your magnets or, here, some magnetic strip.

Step 2
Put a couple of drops of glue on one side of ya peg. You may have to allow supaglue to dry and reapply a coat. Then attach your magnet.

Hot glue just needs you to put a couple of blobs on and quickly attach your magnets or strip.

No, you don't strip. I mean attach your magnetic strip. cool

Step 3
When all is dry, you have a note holder. You know where to stick it.

Step 4
If you are bored or sell things at craft markets where people seem to get really excited about such things, you can cut out and attach all sorts of shapes. These are from my farm animal template collection.

Step 5
Wanna see Scarecrow naked?

Step 6
And for the really bored but sell to people who are really excitable about these things you can paint them.

This project could probably single handedly save the world from recession if we all made these little pegs to hang our notes on.


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