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Saturday, 28 July 2007


I have recently taken an interest in marionette making so I thought I would start with a really (really) basic design to get an idea of how to connect things. So I came up with a gonk. idea

This is how I made my gonk.

Some wood
Some dowel
Lots of eyes (the opposite of hooks)
A pair of eyes (from local craft shops)
Some slat for the controller

Step 1
Cut the head shape.

Step 2
Cut 8 pieces of dowel for the legs.

Step 3
Insert the eyes into each end of the dowel (check the picky) and the bottom of the head. You have to open one of each eye to connect it to the other and then close it again. Pliers are good for this.

Step 4
String as per the picture.

Voila!!! Instant gonk.

You can finish with Danish oil or paint it. You can even cover it with fur.

Here is another marionette I am working on.

Ladies and Scarecrow

I just need to string her up!!!

Enjoy, Doc

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