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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Chinese ask Doc for secret

"Oh Honerable one, why do people like your toys but not ours?" cool

Don't know dudes, maybe it's the taste

With all the high-tech toys recalled, it's time to make some real toys

Some easy non-genetically modified, lead-free, non-Chinese, toys.

Some scrap wood from the 'project-in-waiting' box (or lumber for the Americans out there)
Some wood glue


Dowel both thick 'n' thin
4mm Plastic dripper pipe stolen from Scarecrow when she wasn't looking
Some olive oil or vegie oil for finishing
(or you could use the old lead based paints the Chinese use biggrin)

Just for your info
I was working on creating a gourd nativity scene using some of the gourds that Scarecrow grew for me.

All looked like it was going well (these dudes are standing on top of a small matchbox).

Unfortunately, I cut baby Jesus in half and then had a strange bout of bad luck so have decided to make a Noah's ark instead!!!rolleyes

Balloon Boat
Cut out a boat shape.

Drill a thick piece of dowel through the centre.

Drill a matching hole in the boat.

Stick the dowel into the hole.

Drill a hole for the plastic pipe.

Cut the pipe and stick it in the hole with some really good glue. I use a 2 part Araldite mix.

Get some balloons and wack them on the large dowel.

Blow up via the pipe and drop into the bath and
wacko, instant fun balloon boat!!!

Racing Car

Cut out the shape.

Cut out wheels and dowels.

Put it together.


Drag Racer

Cut some thick dowel to length.

Cut some big and little wheels and dowel.

Drill holes for the dowel axles.

You can make a thingy for holding the dowel whilst you drill.

Put it together.

Sorry Mattel, but kids love these and when they are finished with olive oil they even taste good biggrin

'Till next time

Regards, Doc wink

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