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Monday, 13 August 2007

Pot on, Dudes

Scarecrow requested that I make her a new hothouse so she could pot on her seedling thingies.

There was no hurry as long as it was finished on the weekend

For the guys out there, this is another babe magnetlol

Here ‘tis.


Star Pickets
Ag pipe (2” slips over the pipes but I only had a 200m roll of 1¾” pipe so had to attach them to the post with some wire)

UV Treated Plastic
Self tapping Screws

Washers made from 19mm PVC pipe to prevent the plastic being ripped if there is a breeze

Spirit level, to ensure the posts are in straight (yeah right)

Timber for framework

Step 1

Clear the area, as ordered/requested, cart the good soil to another area of the garden (especially to the furtherest(?) part of the garden because the exercise is good for you I am reliably informed)

Fill this with several millimetres of crusher dust (by-product of making big rocks into small rocks)

Step 2

Using a variety of measuring tools (eyes, hands and fingers) insert your posts into the ground to the size and shape of choice.

Step 3

Attach your pipe.

Step 4

Attach the framework for both stability and to give you something to attach the plastic to.

Step 5

Make a door frame

Step 6

Make a door, cover with shade cloth and attach to the door frame.

Step 7

Using the especially made washers attach the plastic to the framework.


if it even looks like it might get windy, do this another day or have enough red wines for you not to notice, because the slightest breeze makes handling the plastic a real riot, believe meconfused

This is the end product. Not pretty, but practical.

The inside is ready for occupation.

Whilst I was making the door, Scarecrow completed the plumbing from the rainwater tank

The new occupants move in:

Pot on, Dudes eek

Regards, Doc wink

1 comment:

Barry said...

Well done Please keep the good ideas rolling. I also like your description of the building process. Regards, Barry.