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Friday, 19 October 2007

The Beatles...

..."Strawberry Fields Forever"

Scarecrow grew and picked some of the strawberries biggrin

Well, not on the same day, but you know what I mean

What goes really goodly with strawberries?

How about some of the most delicious, creamy, rich home made ice cream biggrin

Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

Beat 2 eggs and ½ cup sugar until light

Add 1½ cups whipping cream, 1½ cups milk

1½ teaspoons vanilla

Combine well and churn in your ice cream machine for 20-30 minutes

Add ½ cup of your favourite pureed fruit for added flavour
It makes about a litre and I put it away in small serves.

To make strawberries and cream

Step 1

Get some strawberries. Who'd have thought?

Step 2 Get some ice cream. You keeping up so far? lol

Step 3 Bung them together on a plate

Step 4
With one hand holding Scarecrow back try to get some piccies

Step 5
Upload the pictures to your server and return to find an empty plate because you just were not quick enough! cry...

...but live with the knowledge that your lover thoroughly enjoyed them biggrin

Regards, Doc wink

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