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Friday, 19 October 2007

Scarlet Pumpernickel?

How about Brown Pumpernickel Bread in a Bread Machine? twisted

First, a couple of warnings:

Firstly, I have worn out a bread machine in the past because I use one every day at least once a day sometimes twice.

When you go to buy one, check out the warranty and whether or not it can cope with a decent usage rate. You get what you pay for.

Secondly, most of my recipes use 3 cups of flour or solids to 400mls fluid and 475mls to 4 cups of flour.

Check the ratios for your machine. cool

Add the ingredients in the order that your machine recommends.

475mls Water
2 tbspn Olive Oil
2 tbspn Molasses
1-2 tsp Coffee
2 tsp Caraway Seeds
1 cup Rye Meal Flour (Bakers Rye Mix)
1 cup Wholemeal Flour (Bakers Wholemeal Mix)
2 cups White Flour (Bakers White Flour Mix)
2 tsp Yeast

Put into your bread machine in the order specified by the manufacturer.

Either set the machine for a dough cycle and make yourself some rolls (delicious) baked @ 200*c for 30 minutes or if your machine can cope with a 4 cup recipe set it to bake a large loaf. cool

Sit back and wait. rolleyes

Serve with anything you want: sliced meats, cubed tofu, cheese etc etc biggrin

This really is a delicious bread and the rolls are great for a picnic. biggrinlol

Hope you like.

Regards, Doc wink

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