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Sunday, 4 November 2007

You'd better watch out...

...better grow hair (never could remember the words to that song) rolleyes

Well it's nearly that time of year for the believers...Christmas confused

I thought I would just give you frugal people some handy tips on what you can make for the various boys and girls in your life.

You can find these around my blog. cool

Let your imagination flow. Kids (big and little) love to get hand crafted things for those special occasions.

How about a racing car, balloon boat or a dragster, here?

Howsabout some puzzles. Great with a photo on it

Scarecrow and a gonk, anyone?
She really is sooo much better looking than that lol

Great use of scrap wood from the project-in-waiting box eek

Sorry, I don't knit or sew very well but I have had many nice hand made things given as gifts over the years. surprised

Find your own talent. Go on, amaze yourself (and your loved ones) wink

Each year at the in-law convention (we catch up with Scarecrow's side of the family) we bring gifts of a bowl or a basket containing a variety of biscuits, cakes and other home made goodies.

They are a great hit. biggrin

It's almost as if people have forgotten how to do things any more.

Sad really. cry

Regards, Doc wink

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