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Monday, 12 November 2007

Wooden it be nice... quickly find middles?

Another quick trip around the workshop to pick out a couple of widgets I keep handy.

These are easy to make and very useful.

First, the centre finder.

Ideal if you do wood lathe work, like I do

Using an old bandsaw blade, make a groove in a square of wood and stick the blade in with the teeth showing, thus:

Place your wood up against the two sides and it will provide teeth marks along the midline. Rotate the wood 90 degrees and voila!

Instant centre.

Of course it would probably make more sense if I found the centre of a square piece but didn't have any any since all the blanks have been turned into rounds redface

Now the midline finder!

How about finding the midline of a piece of plank?

Always did see myself as middle-of-the-road

Anyhoo, simply predrill a piece of wood and wack in 2 nails with nice sharp points.

At the exact centre, wack in a smaller nail.

Click on the piccy to see it close up.

To use, simply drag along the top edge of your wood with both of the end nails touching the side of the wood and it will leave a small groove along the edge.

This is a useful gadget for making accurate halving joints for those people without power tools cry

Finally, what to do with all those large lidded cans from the copious amounts of coffee consumed eekidea

If only coffee came intravenously lol

Well, how about making some simple wooden handles.

Can be used out in the workshop to store all sorts of stuff or in the kitchen to store pasta, rice or erm, coffee eekrolleyeslol

Regards, Doc wink

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