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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Don't Fret...

...Scrollsaw upgrades for newbies lol

When I first started scrollsawing I bought a cheapo, Chinese Hegner lookalike for a song (can't remember the song rolleyes).

Firstly, I made this jig to allow me to quickly get my blades the right size for my saw.

Should be self explanatory. Use your saw to cut the shape in a piece of ply and attach that to another piece of wood (lumber to those from the US).

How about a blower? Gosh, makes me sound like a porn site eek

Get a tennis ball. Pinch a piece of Scarecrow's 4mm dripper polypipe and a joiner. Grab a piece of scrap wood from the project-in-waiting box.

Check the piccy to see how you install it here:

Really works, trust me lol

OK. How about an extension table with a zero clearance hole custom made for the table?

Get some wood. Remove the blade. Lay the wood on your saw and draw around the underneath of the wood.

Wack in some slats to hold the table on. Put the blade back and cut your access hole.

Should fit like a glove. cool

What about us oldies who can't see?? lollolrolleyesrolleyes

How about a magnifier?

Grab a couple or ten cheapie magnifying glasses. Take them apart. Get an old lamp with a goose neck attachment and attach the mag glass to it. Take off the top thingy bit of your saw and drill a hole in the top to take the screw part.

Should look like this:

And, voila, you have a cheapo scrollsaw that is as good as a Hegner (well, this machine has been in use since 1986 and is still going strong).

Hope this is useful to others.

Regard,s Doc

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