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Thursday, 17 January 2008

More Shady Requests

Once again, Scarecrow made another request for shade. rolleyes


Some star pickets/post (4, in this case)
2" Ag Polypipe

Hacksaw to cut pipe
Choccy Bar

Don't forget to click on the piccies for a closer look.

Step 1

Select your site. This was an area that had a willow tree providing shade where Scarecrow did gardeny things.

Unfortunately the wind destroyed it one day.
Hence the request. rolleyes

Step 2
Wack in the pickets.

Step 3

Cut your pipe to length and wack them onto the posts.

The 2" pipe slides right over the top.

In this case the two polypipes are 4 metres long and the gap is approximately 3 metres.

This is a more-than-adequate span for here.

Step 4

Cover with shadecloth. This is 70% shade.

Step 5

Add a table and bench and do your gardeny things.

In the near future I am planning on using the same technique to build a small carport to provide shade to our 3 vehicles

Step 6
Eat choccy bar for doing such a good job

Hope you find this useful

Regards, Doc wink

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