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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Berry, berry...


Whatja do with your mulberries?

Today we harvested a couple of buckets of mulberries from our, erm, mulberry tree - who would have known.

This does not count the ones that got eaten. biggrin

We share it with some chooks, some parrots and some black birds. rolleyes

What do you do with an abundance of mulberries?

Try these:

Doc's Not frugal Mulberry 'juice'

700 mls Vodka
700 mls mulberry juice (from about half a bucket of mulberries)
2 cups sugar

Mix, dissolve, bottle, leave for a month, drink.

If you want to share it as a gift (as if), you can pour into smaller bottles.

Doc and Scarecroew's mulberry cordial

This is based on a recipe from the instruction book for our Fowlers Vacola outfit

750 mls Mulberry juice (from the other half of the bucket of mulberries)
1 kg sugar
1 litre water
3/4 t citric acid or lemon juice

Boil up water and sugar in a pot until clear then add juice and citric acid/lemon juice.

Stir and allow to cool.

This amount will fill 4 #20 preserving jars.

Cook up in your FV according to instruction or however you cook up your preserves.

To use, place contents into a jug or bottle and keep in the fridge.

Drink as a cordial - watered down according to taste. We make up the cordial with soda water - yum.

Here, above is a piccy of a hand grabbing some cool, iced mulberry cordial made with soda water.

Above is a piccy of a hand replacing a half drunk glass of said cordial - that is Scarecrow's half.

Will have a go at making some mulberry wine soon. biggrin

yours in mulberries,

Doc wink

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