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Friday, 27 March 2009

Are you nuts?

If you are, let's check out something quick and easy as well as tasty

Peanut Brittle

Just felt like having some peanut brittle like grandma used to make but remembered that she showed me how to make it, so here 'tis:

1 cup peanuts (or whatever nuts you have or like)

2 cups of sugar

Do you think the ingredient list is too long

  1. Grease up a swiss roll tin or any other suitable tray.
  2. Spread ya nuts around the tray
  3. Melt the sugar carefully until it becomes light brown.
  4. Immediately pour over your nuts, so to speak eek, and allow it to set.
If you wanted to you could add choccy bits to the tray with the nuts.



Yours in nuts


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