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Monday, 8 June 2009

A sartorial, pictorial tutorial...

...Cut to the chase...with sharp tools!

Recently I was having way too much fun so Scarecrow gave me all the shears and pruning stuff to sharpen. biggrin

Here is a quick pictorial tutorial on how to do it.

Some files including a round one if sharpening anything with a curve
Wire brush for cleaning the tools and the files
A clean area to work in
Glasses so you can see what the angle is on the blade you are sharpening!
Safety googles - had to say that for legal reasons - remember when common sense was the most common of all the senses, then along came lawyers! rolleyes

Usually I would start by thoroughly cleaning the tool first and then sharpen the tool.

For the sake of being easy to see the edge of the tool in the photos, I have left the cleaning until afterwards.

You will notice that each tool has a blade with a bevel on it. eek

When sharpening we will maintain said bevel and use short strokes moving the file away from the body.

It will only take a few such strokes to add a sharp edge.

This technique can also by used on other implements such as scissors and knives, honing the edges on a stone as needed.

A round file is used on the curvey edge of the shears.

Remember, you only need to use a few strokes, maybe 4 or 5 strokes.

Finish by giving the tools a good cleaning.

The finished tools can also have a light spray of silicone to provide them with some protection from rust.

All finished so I can now get back to having fun rolleyes

Enjoy your sharp tools


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