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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Get stuffed...

...Teddy Bear Stuffers

Was with friends at a craft group recently and I noted that they were making stuffed teddy bears and seemed to be having trouble stuffing the stuff (?wadding) into the body/limbs. eek

It seemed to be easier if they used a pencil.

I saw this and said to myself "Self, you should make these people some teddy bear stuffing tools" rolleyes

Using dowel shaped to a simple unsharp point (?) sand smooth and the rest is history.

Dowel for handles
Dowel for pointy bits as long as needed

Click on the piccy to get a
bigger piccy and see how easy they are to make

Some small stuffers had a handle on whilst the long ones did not. Did not seem to need it.

Happy stuffing.


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