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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tap that...

...sorry Megan McCauley wink

Today, Scarecrow went to turn a tap off but it would not turn off.

Enter Super-Doc the washer-changing legend in his own lunchtime.

Changing a tap washer is easy but for those who may not have done it before, it can be daunting, so here is how I do it.

Firstly, turn off the mains water.

Depending on where you live, this is often found near the front fence line of your property.

If you have never found yours before, now is a good time to look.

Grab some tools; a reseating tool, washers and adjustable wrench. Some old rubber tubing to protect the chrome if it is an inside tap.

Using your wrench, undo the tap.

Remove the assembly and check the washer. Get approval from a professional.

You can see the split in the washer at eight o'clock, can you not, Ninja.

Using the reseating tool, attach and proceed to screw it gently to clean the surface where the washer will meet the brass of the tap.

Grab your new washer and get approval to install it.

Screw the tap assembly into the base.

Go and turn on the mains water.

Admire the end result.

Not exactly rocket science, hey, but still has to be done. cool


Back to my rocket science now. smile

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