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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Roll out the barrel...

...Doc and the case of easy mixing.

One of the reasons I enjoy(ish) blogging is that I get to get piccies taken to show other people how to do stuff that I take for granted.

This post is one of those things that I do...mixing small amounts of concrete or mortar.

The lovely Scarecrow asked me to put in a few posts for some extra fencing in one of the chook runs.

I must have looked like I needed something to do.

A small lidded drum - This is a spare similar to the cob oven wood storage drum.
A scoop or small bucket to carefully measure out your ingredients
Your ingredients - in this case, cement mix, sand and gravel
Watering can - nicked from Scarecrow, but it was for her I was doing all this (what a surprise)

Anyhoo, I got the posts (we buy them in bulk) and dug the holes using a hole digger thingy.

You can use whatever you have - spade, shovel, demo bar etc etc.

I am assuming you have got to this stage without my help.

On with the show.

First, put the dry mix into your bucket.
Maintain the correct ratio and look at filling the drum about 2/3rds full (or 1/3rd empty) to allow room for mixing. This is where you use your scoop. I am using a shovel coz I have done this a few times.

If you are unsure about the amounts, it is usually on the back of the cement mix..

Put the lid on tight.

Roll the drum to your site (as long as it is not that far away).

Feet work, too.

All ready mixed now.

Pour into the hole.

Tamp down with a mallett or hammer and wooden block.

Pour water into hole using the stolen watering can.

Allow this to soak in and repeat the process until the amount of water is equivalent to the amount you would have chucked in if you were mixing this in a mixer or a wheelbarrow.

When I finished we put some mesh around to keep the chooks off - they are attracted to the water, and there is a reason there are no chooks at University.

Last thing I need is a chook laying a concrete egg.

This is a really easy way to mix small amounts of stuff for post holes, mortar repairs to a small area, brick laying (chooks would love to see me lay bricks) or any other small project.

The only restriction would be that if you use a larger drum it may not be able to be stood up when you reach your destination coz it would be too heavy and you could knacker yourself.

Also, the drum needs to be able to squeeze through your gateway/door.

And, look, not a cat in sight biggrin

Live long and prosper

Doc wink

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