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Thursday, 10 September 2009


...check this out

There I was in my toy/workshop looking busy (otherwise Scarecrow finds me things to do) when in walked a beautiful, long legged brunette (with a hint of grey) and sided up to me and whispered those three magic words...

...soil core sampler.

Well, it did it for

Yep, Scarecrow wanted me to make her an auger for taking soil samples.

Bear in mind that this is made from stuff I have at hand, so do not get hung up on precise

Galvanised pipe (any length) mine was 550mm long (as per request), 25mm diameter threaded at one end to allow for the fitting of a...
Metal cap to fit
PVC pipe (I used electrical conduit) for inserting to act as a plunger
Wooden dowel to fit into the pvc pipe at one end
Long bolt and nut - acts as a handle when it comes to pulling the auger out.

Whatdja do
Cut the galv pipe to size leaving the thread on one end.

Cut the PVC pipe about 50mm longer.

Cut a 20-30mm length of dowel and stick it in one end of the pvc pipe.

Grind the end of the pipe to form a 'sharp' end. This makes it easier to enter the soil.

Drill a hole near the top, under the cap.

The end result:

To use, hold the pipe pointy end down and hit it with a mallet until you reach the required depth.

Using the bolt as a handle, twist the auger a little to allow ease of extracting it.

Undo the cap and push (carefully) the pvc plunger through the hole to put your sample on to your sample sheet - this can be a plastic sheet, a bivalved pvc pipe or whatever.

I gave this to Scarecrow and she said those other three magic words. wink

A real babe magnet, that auger.

Doc wink

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