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Monday, 21 September 2009

Why do you build me up, Buttercup baby...

...just to buy one of Doc's toy kits.

Getting ready for Christmas by trying out a few new ideas - cheap (read affordable) kit toys.

I have done this before but not in as much bulk as I do now.

The idea is that the kit contains the wheels, axles, shape and a mallet to allow an older child to make a toy (generally a vehicle) on their own or a younger child (say under four) with assistance from mum/dad/caregiver/lawyer etc etc.

Much of the gear is made up from scraps that I store away in the future projects-in-waiting (scraps) box.

Wood for the main shape (duhh!)
Dowel for axles
Thicker dowel for mallet
Drill and bits for drilling (who would have thought)
Ziplock bags to put the parts into
Nice label

Cut the shape of the toy - tractor, bus, racing car etc etc

Cut out wheels accordingly, depending on what size you require eg the tractor will have two larger rear wheels and two smaller front wheels, the racing car may have four thicker wheels, and so on.

Sand smooth and round any edges.

You can finish with a Danish oil or not.

I like to leave the finish up to those who purchase the kits.

I usually suggest that young kids enjoy drawing with a felt pen or painting with water based paints.

Make the mallet by cutting a length of thick dowel for the hammering part - prolly has a name like 'head' or something.

Repeat this process to create a handle that fits into the 'head'. Glue these together.

Measure and cut your axles. Allow for a small overlap.

Put into your bag and add a nice label.

These sell at an affordable price so that even little Freddie/Sally can pick one up out of their pocket money budget.

On one side of my label I have a no-text pictorial on how to assemble the toy.

The first thing is to check the contents.

Then attach the two axles to two wheels.

Thread the wheels and axle through the predrilled holes in the vehicle...

...and knock in the remaining wheels.

I sell these at several galleries and markets (where I keep Scarecrow company whilst she sells produce and seedling thingys). wink

They sell well as the guilt sets in when the purchaser realises just how little quality time they spend together with their young ones. lol

Makes for a nice, cheap day out together.

Love, peace and mungbeans


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