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Monday, 19 October 2009

Mouldy old dough..., not a baking hint.

G'day everybody.

Let's make a soap mould (mold, for my US friends).

These are great sellers at craft markets.

I even use one myself.


Some timber (lumber) cut to size (base, two sides and two end bits plus a spare end bit as a spacer when you glue up) I use certified plantation grown pine - coz I am a tree hugger dude
Four bolts and wing nuts
Ethical Chocolate - no reason, but you can not have too much chocolate

Get ya stuff together.

Do not ask me about sizes, the length was determined by what I could cut on my bandsaw - about 345mm.

The sides are about 100mm high coz, well, that was the size of the scrap wood I had available.

Do not fret coz I am sure if you make a soap up, it will fit, otherwise have some plastic gloves handy.

I find that any leftover soapmix can be poured into the gloves and be sold as... guessed it, hand soap.

Mark up the ends for where the bolt holes need to be.

Drill out using a drill (duhh, who would have thunkit?)

Use these ends as templates to locate the holes for the bolts later.

Whilst you are at it, glue up and clamp the assembly.

Drill out the bolt holes.

If you have a tap set, you can create a threaded hole otherwise just screw the bolt into the ends.

Put some super glue into the holes.

Screw the bolt into the end of the sides.

Cut the bolt to size. BEWARE - you need to know how far in your bolt is into the wood.

Hey, check out the offcuts for some other future project

Unscrew the wingnuts - this will clean the threads.

With a saw (or bandsaw) create a kerf thingy to allow you to cut the soap to size.

This is where you need to know how far the bolt is into the wood - a bandsaw blade is waaaay too expensive to waste on breaking when you locate the bolt with it.

The end result can be coated with Danish oil - or anything else, but since I use Danish oil to finish most of my toys, gourd stuff and spinning wheels, I tend to have some of this around.

Now, do not forget that you have to use something like baking paper or some other barrier to pour the soap mixture in so it does not destroy thr mould (mold).

On ya


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