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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

More, more, more, how do you like it...

Just some more of the same.

I have been busy lately with a few projects so you will have to have a bit of a wait for some more upcoming frugal stuff.

Coming soon:
Converting an old sewing machine to a treadle sewing machine
Making your own building mud bags or whatever they are called
More about rocket stoves
How to make a spinning wheel
Making a motorbike or rocking horse for the soon to be here grand kids
Even some stuff Scarecrow has not told me about yet eek

Meanwhile have a look at some more of my stuff from my toy shop.

Model T for 2, anybody?

We live in Pair 'o dice:

Local lawyer helping to make insurance premiums stupidly high:

Plane sailing. Without the sailing redface

Somebody putting in a good word for me - as if

On ya bike.

Keep on truckin'

Just chillin'

Mysterious, rarely seen, drop-bear relatives.

If I had this earlier I would have completed a whole lot more. My round tuit.

Hot stuff

The person in charge of fixing the biggest oil spill in the world.

My old science and maths teachers.

Just a puzzle for a mate

Just dragon his feet

A set of mini dinosaurs

Some grown up ones. They don't wear specs, I do. eek

A gift for a friend who likes alpacas.

A very industrious, hard working, talented and keen young man at work.

Just kidding, it's just me and my Excalibur scrollsaw with a gift beanie from a dear friend.

Yes, even I have friends. Who'd have thunk.

And that is my own hair under it, complete with ear ring. cool

Gotta go, now, Scarecrow has just found out where I have been hiding. wink


Doc wink

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