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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wooden it be nice...

...Oh, no. Not another lot of scraps from the Docs Wood Den.


Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi,Oi and another Aussie!<---added an extra 'coz there are four. (New Aussie National Anthem)

Now, this guy has been dogging me for a while. biggrin

Do these stripes make me look tall?

Do these stripes make me look fat!

OMG...Aliens!!! (Looks sooo like a nativity scene to me). And they have stripes. biggrin

You've heard of a one knight stand, yes? He's on the left. wink

Animal magnetism. Can't see the attraction, myself. wink

Do these stripes...oh forget it.

Why hygiene is important to elephants.

What did he write about us?

The one that got away was this big. cool

It's knot stripes I have to worry about

Typical rabbit. Start off as a three piece... no time at all you end up with more

Time to sleep on it.

I'm too cute to worry about stripes cool

Sorry about all that. It is said every pun has its just reword!

Thought I would chuck these up whilst I had a few minutes before the Goddess finds me.


Doc wink

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Kevin Montgomery said...

Spectacular knights!