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Friday, 3 June 2011

Thank you blogger:

I would just like to thank Blogger and all those associated with it for somehow losing all the comments on my posts.

You people don't happen to work for the Australian government do you. They seem to be about as competent with the interwebs as you guys!

How am I supposed to remember which jokes I used razz

Now I have to go back to the real world and play.

Thanks to all my followers for following. I will post something less melodramatic when I can.

Doc wink

Apparently light travels faster than sound - this explains why some people appear bright until they open their mouth.



earthmotherwithin said...

Bugger. Oh well, here is a new comment to get you started all over again.

Suzi said...

Tell them again!

Doc said...

Hey you two!

Thanks for checking me out to see if I'm still here.

Yeah, my real life goes on as normal, but my cyber-life - oh the humanity of it all!!!

Doc ;-)

Anonymous said...

My memory is rather shot so you can tell them all again and I'll think you are hilarious AND original.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back!!
I made your boiled cake recipe and it turned out so well that I made another lot and added mollasses and crystalised ginger. Cooked
it in a double old bread tin we found at the dump full of bolts and other small goodies.
Seriously good...
Then after years of procrastinating, made your soap recipe up... another sucess.. Soooo, now I'm going to be trying other 'stuff' you put up!

Doc said...

LOL, Donna
May have to sign you up as a number one fan with comments like that!!!

Hi Anonymous!
I still love the boiled bake cake, too. I reckon it would smell great with the molasses in.
Good find re the old bread tin LOL


Doc ;-)

Tanya Wade said...

so so so luv your blog have been reading everything.....can't wait to get started......

thanks Tanya

Matron said...

That's a scary thought, losing blogger! eeek!