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Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm all stuck up...

...Ah, ha, ah ha! <--looks nothing like how I said it!

Okay, shoppers, I've been away from frugal, cyber space for a while so thought I would get back into the swing of things by sharing some of those useless tips that change your outlook on life forever!

I use tubes of those 'liquid nails'(TM)-type stuff

You find them at your local hardware shop
in convenient sizes like more than enough to stick a 20 tonne truck back together or nearly enough to reattach false eyelashes.

Invariably, this means you buy the size to do the job and hope you don't have too much left over.

Well, for those of us who do have too much left over, here are a couple of things you may want to try using the glue for.

For those who have never used liquid nail/no more nails or whatever TM names it goes under, it is a special glue in a cartridge and it dries as hard as, erm, nails!

So. When you have finished glue nailing your plasterboard to the bathroom ceiling or whatever, what sort of things can you do with the leftovers?

How about making Doc's knobs of all sizes to suit your knob requirement (sounds rude)?

Big tube/cartridge of leftover Liquid Nails (TM)
Clicky thing to squish said leftover glue -you know what I mean - you have to buy a new one each time because you never remember where you put the old one. I have six at the moment!
Bottle lids of many sizes
Bolts of many sizes to suit your needs
Wooden clothes pegs

Step 1
Get all the stuff together so you can take a neat photo and give people a better idea of what the hell you are on about.

Note the blue clicky thing with the glue cartridge in it.

Step 2
Grab a lid and fill it with the liquid nails glue stuff from your clicky thingy and whack in a bolt.

Step 3
Repeat step 2 as required and whack in another bolt, held securely(ish) with a wooden peg if it won't stand up by itself.

Step 4
When completed, allow to dry (a few days to get hard - fwaar!) then stand back and reflect the important question of life...Why did I do this?

I have arthritic hands (seriously!) and have used these knobs as an aid to help me unscrew bolts from some of my woodwork machines - lathe, drill press, scroll saw and the like.

They dry hard (the glue not my hands) and I find they are easier to grip.

You may think of a multiple of uses for these knobs eg drawers knobs.

If you can think of more than five uses, you probable need to get out more!


We still have not used up all our glue (who'd have thunk it). So what else can we do?

How about a great, easy-to-make, Doc's storage container for all those nice, easy-to-handle knobs you made.

A DVD/CD pack thingy
Hacksaw/sharp knife/good teeth
Some more of that hard as nails glue stuff
The clicky thing that squirts the glue out
Room under a shelf

Step 1
Grab your CD/DVD pack and take apart thusly:

Step 2
Cut the sticking out bit off with the implement of your choice.

Step 3
Under the shelf where you are going to attach the container, apply a couple of dobs of the glue from the clicky thing and stick the base to the underneath of the shelf.

Step 4
Allow to dry - the glue not you -(it wasn't that much hard work) and when dry attach the other part of the CD/DVD pack and fill with useful items such as the knobs we made previously.

Note how the dust already in situ under the shelf remains in place.

Obviously the cleaner had not been into my workshop immediately prior to me taking the photo.

Step 5
Ponder the logic of now having a single container permanently stuck to an area under a shelf that you can not actually get to with ease!

Oh well, somebody might find it a useful tip.

Anyhoo, got to get back to making more toys before I run out of the hard-as-nails stuff.

Doc ;-)


Red Shirt Guy said...

Hot damn!! Who's a clever clogs eh? Great tip.

Anonymous said...

G'day Doc!!! Just popped in for a natter with Scarecrow so thought I'd pop into your shed while I'm here.

Time ya did some work here isn't it ya slack bugger!

Tulls x

Doc said...

Hey Tulls - long time no see!

Or as the sailor said "Long sea, no time."

Wotja been up to (email me - nobody else's business, really!).

Haven't been here much meself lately, real world life interfering with my cyber-life 8-)