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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Frugal Router Table

Easy Router Table

I had an old table that I made a while back [check it out here] that I wanted to use as a small router table for my small router. I use a Triton Workcentre for my heavy, industrial unit and mainly wanted to use my smaller unit for rounding over the edges of the toys and puzzles I make.

This project had the potential to be as complicated or as easy as I wanted.

Being lazy as well as frugal, I stuck with the easy option!!!

Find the centre of the table and drill a clearance hole.

Flip the table over and measure and cut 2 strips of timber and attach the router to the underneath of the table.

Ensure the router bit has clearance around it.

Allow the amount of bit that you wish to use to stick up and voila…easy router table.

This is ideal for piloted and template routing but ensure you use appropriate safety equipment.

Regards, Doc ;-)

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