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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Lap Table

Nifty Bed Table

A while back Scarecrow was quite ill and I had to look after her.

I didn’t mind but as she was bedridden for a while I had to make a table so she could sit up and use the laptop or lean on whilst waiting for me to feed her.

The top is scrap 6mm Chipboard approximately 700mm by 400mm.

The legs are made from 55mm square pine offcuts (I always hang on to scraps).

The angle of the legs was determined by eye.

I looked to see if I thought the table would fit over Scarecrow’s legs in the sitting position.

Cut the legs to length and sand smooth.

Cut the top to size and sand smooth.

Screw and glue the screws into the legs from the top and paint.

At the time all I had in stock was black paint, hence the gothic look!

This all had to happen in a hurry so I wasn’t interested in finesse, however it could easily be made with more care and time and be ‘decoupaged’, or have a nicer colour applied, or even have a nice beading around the edges. It’s up to you.

I will be turning this into a router table shortly, anyway.

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