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Saturday, 7 April 2007

My Marinade

BBQ Marinade

Hey everyone, it’s a long weekend and amongst my many commitments I will be BBQing some chops I scored in barter with a local farmer who had serious computers problems. I fixed them up and he paid with a lamb all butchered nicely. I reckon his next major computer problem should be just before Christmas!

Anyway, Whatjaneed:
Your chops or steaks or whatever
Some peppercorns
2 cups of quality red wine. Fortunately all Australian wines are top quality. If you get stuck you can use a French wine 8-) One cup is for the marinade, the other is for you to show that you would not marinade your best meat in a wine you were not prepared to drink yourself LOL…sorry 8-(
A couple of splurges of olive oil
Some thyme
A couple of tablespoons of honey. Fortunately the local apiarist also had computer problems that I was able to fix 8-) I LOVE THE BARTER SYSTEM!!!
A chopped up onion

Bung it all in a ziplock bag and stick your chops into it and leave to marinate overnight.

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