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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

El-Cheapo Camera Stand

The El-Cheapo Camera stand

Whilst I am the former IT professional, Scarecrow is the digital photographer.

Because she does a lot of close-up work I decided to make some cheap glass and plastic bottle-based camera stands for her so that the images are really steady when using macro mode.

A flagon or juice bottle with lids
1/4“ threaded bolts (standard camera tripod thread)

Step 1
Select your bottle lid and drill a hole in it.

Step 2
Thread a nut onto your bolt and cut the bolt to size. Unthread the nut and it will clean the end of the bolt to allow a perfect fit into the camera.

Step 3
Insert bolt through a washer and tighten nut.

Step 4
Attach camera to the lid.

Step 5
Meanwhile, fill up your container with a suitable ballast. Note how I have allowed myself a moment of creativity LOL.

Step 6
Screw the lid/camera onto the container and proceed to take heaps of pictures without worrying about the camera not being held perfectly still. Don't worry about stability. This is a very heavy container/ballast combination.

You can continue to make up several from various bottles and sizes according to your photographic needs.

I'm currently working on a pan/tilt design but Scarecrow hasn't asked for one of them...yet 8-)

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