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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Pull Along Boot

Pull Along Threadable Boot


Scrap 19mm Pine
Dowel for axles

Step 1
Draw your boot or trace around a template.

Step 2
Cut out the shape and sand smooth. Create wheels and sand well.

I find threading wheels onto a bolt and sticking them in my drill works well.

Step 3
Drill lace holes and axle holes. Dry fit the boot to ensure everything works.

Step 4
Drill a hole to attach your cord and fill it with wood glue.

Plug the cord and a piece of dowel into the hole.

Step 5
Take the other end of the cord and soak about 25mm in some wood glue and ‘tease’ the end to form a stiff end as the glue dries. 

This acts as a tow rope to pull the boot along as well as the 'needle' 
with which to thread through the holes. 

Great for fine motor skills.

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