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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Doc’s Pasta sauce

Serves four(ish) or more, depending on what you serve it with!
We usually have a nice glut of tomatoes and this is a great way to marry your Fowlers Vacola Preserving Kit with your glut.

Chop, grate, dice or (what I do) buzz up any or all of the following:
The equivalent of 3 cans of peeled tomatoes – We freeze our tomatoes fresh in season for a couple of days, remove them from the freezer and the skins almost fall off by themselves!
1 cup of tomato paste
An apple if you want
Some dry oregano and basil (we dry our own - I put a small handful of each in)
Garlic clove(s).

There is no precise amount. Make it up according to your tastes. Add or omit what you want.

In a large frying pan or big pot, depending on how big the above heap becomes, pour a liberal amount of olive oil in and when hot add the above blob.

Stir until the mix is cooked.

Add 2 cups of home-made stock (beef, chook or whatever, I use beef) and stir.

Add 1 cup red wine (optional but reeeaaallly nice)

Simmer until you get the consistency you desire.

This we then bottle the end result into four Fowlers Vacola number 31 jars with the addition of citric acid. Read the instructions that came with your kit.

This is a great way of having access to pasta sauce all year round!

It can also be put into margarine containers and frozen for a few months if you do not have a bottling kit.

Eat 8-)

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