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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Pullalong Toy

Pull along croc
Some scrap pine to draw a crocodile on
4 wheels about 35mm (1¼”)
Dowel for axles (8mm or 5/16”)
Skinny dowel for segment joins (6.5mm or ¼”)
Dowel or whatever for a handle
Some cord about 90mm long

Some tools:

Step 1
Draw your shape onto the wood and mark where the wheel axles will go.

Step 2
Check that the wheels will get the body off the ground and drill axle holes.

Step 3
Cut out the shape as one piece. Sand the body and take special care with the edges.

Step 4
Check to see that the holes will line up at the joints.

Step 5
Drill holes for the segment joints.

Step 6
Using your fretsaw, cut the notches for each section.

Step 7
Sand the notches to ensure the croc has a decent turning circle and that each piece can move freely.

Step 8
Dry assemble to check fit and trim axles to fit.

Step 9
Disassemble and finish with paint, varnish, oil or whatever you chose. I tend to use Danish oil as it is easily wiped on, allowed to dry for a few minutes then wiped off and repeated ad nauseum 8-)

Step 10
Drill a hole in the nose and handle dowel and thread some cord through and away your child goes, being chased by a friendly crocodile.

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