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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Frugal garden aides

Here’s some simple and easy to make garden aides that I have made for Scarecrow over the years.

Firstly, the seed planter.

Take a bit of electrical conduit (it’s always lying around here coz I use it for all sorts of stuff).

Cut to about chest height of the person wanting it.

Make one end pointy by cutting two sides thus:

Stick it in the soil (Scarecrow told me that’s what it’s called, not dirt).

Plop your seed down the spout…

…and there ‘tis. No bending or anything.

Fella’s, you have to make one of these for your babe…chicks love ‘em 8-)

Next, the tap turner thingy (pardon the technical talk).

For those who haven’t met my loved one, Scarecrow, you can check out the typical garden layout we have and can probably appreciate that there are many taps in the huge dripper system that supplies water to the garden.

To make her life easier (come on, guys, this is always a winner) I made this for her.

Take a bit of electrical conduit. I could have copied and pasted this 8-(

Cut to about chest height of the person wanting it. I did copy and paste this 8-)

At one end cut slots so that the end fits over your tap.

At t’other end drill a hole and wack some dowel through it to make a handle.

Wacko, easy, no bending, tap-turning thingo.

This is also cool for people who have arthritis. Simply cut to an appropriate length and make your slots wide enough to fit over and ordinary tap (indoors or outdoors).

There ya go.

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