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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Easy toy

Here is a frugal, easy to make toy for young kids. It teaches your child manipulative, fine motor skills. Our children (and many others) used this toy and other similar ones as part of their Montessori upbringing. For more info go here:

I am planning on doing more how-to articles on making toys so stay tuned to this site

An assortment of bolts with matching nuts
A drill (hand or electric)
Drill bits to match the bolt sizes
Some epoxy glue (2 part glue that you mix)
Some wood


Step 1
Look at the end product so you know what I am talking about


Step 2
Carefully measure and cut a piece of wood that is big enough for all of your bolts to thread though.

Step 3
Carefully measure the distance on the wood so that your bolts have space between them.


Step 4
Drill bolt holes using appropriate sized drill bit


Step 5
Turn the wood over and drill holes large enough to countersink the bolt head.


Step 6
Sand the wood so the edges are smooth


Step 7
Mix your epoxy and coat the bolt heads and the countersunk holes with it and put the bolts into the holes.


Step 8
Allow to dry

Optional Step 9
Cut another piece of wood and attach to the base (for cosmetic reasons only)

Optional Step 10
Finish with a coat of paint or wipe with soft cloth covered I vegetable oil.

You can also put a couple of drops of vegetable oil on the threads to make them easier to screw on.

Regards Doc

WARNING: This toy contains small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled.
Use with adult supervision.

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