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Saturday, 17 March 2007

A Simple Chook Tractor

A Simple Chook Tractor

I thought I’d share this simple chook tractor with you all.

It was made from scraps around the place although I had to buy some of the conduit.

What you need:
Quantity of 20mm electrical conduit piping
Solvent cement (has a small brush in the lid)
Chook wire
Hacksaw to cut pipe
Plywood/tin for sides/back
2 Hinges


The size is not critical but my tractor was approx 1800mm X 1200mm and just over knee high.

Step 1
Cut your conduit to size.

Step 2
Using the joiners, coat the insides with the solvent and join your lengths together to form a base, a lid and a top.


Step 3
Using scrap plywood and/or tin join the base to the top. I used tek screws and a rechargeable drill.


Step 4
Add a perch.


Step 5
Add chook wire.


Step 6
Connect the third frame using a couple of hinges and cover with some tin and shade cloth.

This is designed to be put on one of our many garden beds and is light enough to be picked up by a couple of people with ease.

Regards, Doc

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