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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Garden Tyre Mound and Birdbath

The Saturday Morning Doc and Scarecrow Show
A great way to use up old tyres

If you do not wish to use tyres in your garden then do not read any further!!!

What you need:
Cardboard (optional)
Space to put the mound
Good legs
More soil
½ Day
Tube of Heat Cream for shoulders...I have a bulk jar of it 8-^

Step 1
Select the area you want to build a mound on and clear it a little.


Step 2

Put down your cardboard if you have some. We have lots around that we keep for such projects since recycling is just a farce in this region. It soon breaks down in our temperate climate.


Step 3
Place the tyres in whatever shape you want

I wanted square, Scarecrow wanted round so we compromised and made it round 8-)


Step 4
Fill with your soil/loam/whatever and add your second layer and continue to fill the tyres.

(Use your imagination to see me filling and emptying a wheelbarrow 30 times!!!)


Step 5
Add a tyre and pop on a birdbath (this came from an earlier setup we had) and admire the mound all ready for planting into.


Keep an eye on Scarecrow's Garden Blog to find out what gets planted

I just dig holes and make mounds 8-)

Step 6
Take a shower and get a partner to rub the appropriate cream into your aching shoulders!!!

Regards, Doc ;)

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