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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Frugal Grey Water Plumbing

Tools required
Large drum (around 44 gallon size)




Adjustable spanner (if using a steel drum)
Tap set (if using drum with thick plastic base) often begged, stealed or borrowed from a mate 8-)
Hose (length according to where you want the water to go)


Connector (I used a 19mm screw-in type)



Please check with your local authorities about regulations concerning where and if you can use grey water run off.

I had connected a hose to our washing machine and recently Scarecrow asked me to extend it so it would go to another area of the garden.

The problem was that when I did that we ended up with air blockages and the washing machine did not like it.

Since I don’t like hand washing clothes I decided to fix the problem.

Step 1
With your selected drum, drill a hole near the base that will allow the connector to go through.


Step 2
If you are going to screw the connector into the drum use a tap with the appropriate sized thread.


Step 3
Screw the connector into the drum


If you are using metal drum simply drill a hole and push it through then have somebody crawl inside it and do up the nut with the adjustable spanner. Of course make sure the drum is empty first.

Step 4
Connect you hose according to how you wish to use the water.


Scarecrow has a tap to allow her to control where else in the garden the water goes.

Step 5
Seal the connector to drum hole to prevent leaking.


Step 6
Connect your washing machine to a hose to allow you to fill up the drum.


The idea is that the drum collects the water and it flows out at a reasonable rate of flow to where you want it.


Regards Doc ;)

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