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Monday, 19 March 2007

Frugal Potting Mix

Potting mix
Seasol solution
Rain water
Cocoa Peat brick
***Mask for use with potting mix whilst mixing***


Potting mix mixer – can also be used to mix concrete 8-)

Step 1:
Fill a bucket with rain water and put in a peat block. Add a capful of Seasol. Allow to soak until all the water is absorbed.

Step 2:
Wearing a mask, empty the potting mix into the mixer (or wheelbarrow if you haven’t got one) and switch on. Whilst it’s spinning add the loam and peat block mix. You may need to add slightly more water to keep the mix damp ie prevent you breathing in dust.

At this stage you may wish to add any water storage crystals – the type that help stop your pots from drying out.

Step 3:
Empty the mix into a wheelbarrow.

Step 4:
Use it to plant your seeds or seedlings into.

Scarecrow uses pots sometimes but also plants seeds directly into toilet roll holders.

Nothing wasted here 8-)

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