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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Simple Birthbathing

Simple Birdbathing

What you need:
Concrete mix
Place to mix or a mixer (much easier!)
Small float

Step 1:
Mound up some dirt to about knee high.

Step 2:
Make a hole, birdbath size (whatever that is – up to you)

Step 3:
Make a dryish, firm mix of concrete and coat the hole with it about 20mm thick.

Allow to dry (about 3-4 days) then fill with water and watch the birdies.

An alternative way is to use a mould (an old large container). Turn it upside down and smear vegetable oil over it (stops concrete sticking). Cover with above mix and allow to dry.

A quick dip before lunch...

...that's better...

Regards, Doc

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